Yellow Discharge during Pregnancy

Is It Normal to Have Yellow Discharge during Pregnancy?

If you are concerned about yellow discharge during pregnancy, don’t be. It is going to increase as your pregnancy progresses. Don’t panic, this is a perfectly normal situation. You should have in mind that your body is in a state in which many new things are happening. This is because your hormones are raging, and your body is preparing for a delivery and for supporting your infant with rich nutrients. One such thing is yellow discharge.

Why Does Yellow Discharge Occur?

• With first trimester of your pregnancy, you will experience colorless discharge. This is because your body is cleaning itself of perfectly normal flora found in your cervix and vagina. This secretion is also odorless.

• Occasionally, you may experience yellowish discharge, but as long as it is odorless, there is no reason for getting alarmed. On the other hand, this discharge can sometimes look very thick, with strong smell, dark yellow in color. If this happens, there is no need to panic. However, this can be a sign of some infection, or some other imbalance in your body. This is probably a point when you should go to your doctor and see what is wrong.

• There are many causes of this occurrence. The most common one is candidiasis. We know it sounds frightening, but it is almost benign and the chances are that you already have had Candida during your sexual life, without even knowing about it. This is a fungal infection, which appears as yeast on the walls of your vagina. Sometimes it can have uncomfortable odor and appear with white mould. There is a cream you can buy in every pharmacy with no prescription. There are many products, but the Canesten is commonly used in treating this issue.

• On the other hand, there are many other causes: Chlamydia, Trichomoniasis, Cervical Polyps, or Bacterial Vaginosis. These are all infections that should be treated with medical supervision. If left untreated, these infections can induce a miscarriage or worse. They all appear with very strong odor and thick yellow discharge. Although it can be perfectly normal, if your discharge is very thick and dark yellow, you will need to see your doctor.

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