What is xlive.dll and what it is used for? It belongs to Microsoft Games for Windows. It comes with the game you have installed. xlive.dll errors are possible and they can be quite annoying. Let us find out more about the possible causes of xlive.dll errors. You will probably start getting error messages about the missing file. Now, the game cannot be played without this file, so you will have to solve this problem.

xlive.dll can be accidentally removed by your antivirus or it can be damaged by a virus. Let us see how to fix xlive.dll errors. File corruption is a common problem in all types of files. It is possible with this one, too.

Xlive.dll Errors and How to Fix Them

– Try reinstalling the game. Uninstall it and then install the game again. That way, you will overwrite any damaged file and you will have a fresh-installed game.

– You can run a registry scan. It is important, since the registry is used for storing large number of settings needed for Microsoft games.

– Your registry also contains many dll files. These files can be altered or deleted, but leftovers can remain in the registry, causing problems and errors. If you have reinstalled the game, perhaps there are still some leftovers in the registry, so you must clean it.

– There are many sites from where you can download a registry cleaner, but you should always get it from a legitimate source.

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– Do you have a legal version of the game? If not, this can be the cause. Errors often occur if the game you are trying to play is an illegal copy.

– If your problem persists, perhaps it is better to call a professional. If you do not know much about computers and your operating system, you may cause more problems by deleting the files you actually need.

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