wuauclt.exe is an important part of Windows. It is located in C/Windows/System 32, so if you see that the same file is found in other locations, this can be malware. In case you detect other files under this name, you should run a scan to determine if you have any malicious programs. Many viruses are capable of camouflaging themselves and they hide behind files like wuauclt.exe. You can determine whether this file is legitimate by determining its location. Other files that are named “wuauclt.exe” can also be found in your computer, but in locations other than C/Windows/system32, and these are probably malware.

wuauclt.exe has an important role in Windows Update program, keeping it operational. You can turn off the automatic update, and use the manual mode to control the update process yourself, but in that case, wuauclt.exe will not be running all the time.

Go to task Manager and see what processes are running. If you see it running, (and you have previously turned it off), this means that you probably have a virus.

If you let wuauclt.exe run all the time, it will be harder for you to see the difference, since all files under this name will be running at all times. However, you can find their locations and compare them. Any file named “wuauclt.exe” that is not located in Windows/System32, is probably some sort of malware.

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How to Turn off / Remove wuauclt.exe

As we said, wuauclt.exe is used for checking the updates. The name itself comes from “auto update client”. If you want to stop wuauclt.exe process, click Ctrl+Alt+Del and when the Task Manager is open, look under “Processes” to find wuauclt.exe. Choose this one and click on “End process”. This is how you turn it off, but you can delete it from your system for any reason.

wuauclt.exe is normally a part of your system, so there is no reason for removing it, but you can do it anyway. Go to C/Windows/System32. There you will find wuauclt.exe and you will delete in the same way you delete all other files. However, it is recommended not to delete this file, since it cannot harm your computer.

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