If you have seen wmpnetwk.exe in the Task manager processes list, you must be wondering what it is and why it is running. wmpnetwk.exe stands for “Window Media Player Network Sharing Service”. If you don’t use Windows Media Player, you are probably confused about why this process is running anyway. Certain processes waste your memory, but this is not the only annoying thing. Most of users are simply irritated by processes that keep reappearing for no reason, even after disabling them! wmpnetwk.exe is used for sharing media. If there are several computers within one network, you will use wmpnetwk.exe to share media. For using this system, you don’t even need Windows Media Player to be open; so many users find this service quite good and useful. However, if you don’t use this service and it keeps running in the Task Manager, you can disable it.

How to Disable wmpnetwk.exe

If you don’t use this service, you will probably wish to disable it, so here is how to do it. The most efficient way is using the configuration panel, because it will prevent the service from coming back.

Start the Media Player and look up for a small arrow right under the “Library”. Click there to choose the option “media sharing”. If you can access this menu for any reason, you can try opening the “Options” and then go to the Library tab, and finally, choose “Configure sharing”. When you access the media-sharing dialog, you will have to uncheck the two boxes you will find there. However, you may need to do a trick with these. If you see them unchecked, check them both, apply the changes, and then you uncheck them again. Now click on OK button. This is a kind of a reset.

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This is how you disable this service. However, sometimes it keeps coming back. If this happens, here are some things to try.

How to Disable wmpnetwk.exe in Services

Go to Control Panel and access Services. Open it and disable the service. This should do it! You will not have problems and the service will finally be inactive. It will not hunt you anymore and you won’t see it in the Task Manager. When disabling or deleting anything from your computer, be careful not to delete the files you actually need. Even if you don’t use some services, it will be better to disable them instead of deleting them permanently.

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