wmiprvse.exe is a part of Windows that has a role to control programs and manage information. wmiprvse.exe stands for Windows Management Instrumentation Provider Service. It was first a part of Windows XP platform, but later it was included in other versions of Windows. This host process was made to take care of any possible failure. In Windows 2000, the problem was that a single wmi failure could lead to failures of other wmi services. To prevent this from happening, the new wmiprvse.exe was introduced.

This process is very important for normal and stable functioning of your operating system. Therefore, it is not so strange to see this process running simultaneously in the NetworkService, Local System and LocalService.

Where Is wmiprvse.exe Located?

wmiprvse.exe is located in C/Windows/System 32. If you see that wmiprvse.exe is running from some other location, this can be a virus or a Trojan. There are many malicious programs that use wmiprvse.exe to hide underneath it and camouflage themselves, using wmiprvse.exe. That is why you will probably ignore the file named wmiprvse.exe, since it is a normal part of Windows, and you will not pay much attention to it. However, you should, since it can be a virus.

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The best way to see whether the wmiprvse.exe that is running is a virus or not – is to see where it is running from. You can use security task manager to verify the security of your computer. Determine the location from which the wmiprvse.exe is running.

If your system is infected with a malware or any virus, you should stop the process and delete it from your computer. Perhaps you will have to boot the system to safe mode and remove the wmiprvse.exe malware manually. You can also use an antivirus to delete this type of virus from your system.

We hope you have found this information useful. If you experience any problems with wmiprvse.exe, try locating it and see what happens. If you detect other files named wmiprvse.exe that are not located in c/windows/System 32, these can be viruses, so try removing them.

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