What is wlidsvc.exe? You have seen it in your Task manager list, but you have no idea what it is and why it is there. We will try explaining what this process is and what it is used for. This process goes together with another one, named wlidsvcm.exe. Now, what are these?

These processes run together, enabling you to log into Windows live and stay logged. The first one (wlidsvc.exe) is the Windows service, and the second one (wlidsvcm.exe) serves as the service monitor.

This is a very useful service, since it allows you to sign into multiple accounts. If you use Windows live messenger, you will need these services.

If you disable them, an error message will show up, telling you that you cannot sing into your account because that service is not available at the moment. However, if you try later, the same thing will happen again because you miss an important service that is necessary for your Windows Live Messenger to work normally.

However, if you don’t use Windows live messenger, you can disable this service. Go to services.msc and find Windows Live sing-in assistant. Click on the service (double click) and disable it.

In case you don’t use Windows live messenger, but you use Internet explorer, here is how you can remove this service. You can do this by removing the plugin installed in your Internet explorer. Go to Tools, then Manage add-ons, and then look for Windows Live ID sign-in helper. Finally, disable it by clicking the disable button.

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As we said, wlidsvc.exe is used for signing into Windows live, so if you are using it, you will just have to keep wlidsvc.exe. Also, if you are using any other windows live application that needs signing into Windows live, you must not remove wlidsvc.exe. Another important thing is to be careful when deleting files from your computer. If you don’t know what some file is and why it is running, don’t delete it before you find out why it is there. If you have any problem you can’t solve, it is better to ask for some help.

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