Why Is the Rainforest Important to the World

Why is the rainforest important to the world? The problems related to rainforests keep occurring and efforts must be made in order to save them. Rainforests can be defined as forests that have large amount of rain throughout the year. They can be different, depending on the part of the world where they are located. Rainforests that are located near the equator are actually evergreen. The climate conditions in this area make the forests evergreen. Some rare plant species live in these forests, as well as various animal species, many of which are now endangered. People should learn more about rainforests and their importance for our planet. That is the first step towards the solution to the rainforest problem. Let us learn more about the rainforests and see why they are so important to our planet.

Why Is the Rainforest Important?

Rainforests are home to many important plant and animal species. If they disappear, these species will disappear, too. The natural balance will be disturbed and it will certainly have consequences that are more serious. Currently, rainforests only cover some six percent of the Earth. This percentage is very small.

More than one third of all bird species actually live in the rainforest. Now, can you imagine what would happen to these bird species if the rainforest disappeared? More than two thousand butterfly species live in the rainforests. Other plant and animal species are endangered, too. If the deforestation trend persists, these animals could completely vanish. Every day, more than 50 000 sq miles of forests seem to be lost. The most severe damages to these forests have been made by human activities.

Do you know that the Amazon rainforest is called the Planet’s Lungs? This should tell you enough about its importance. This rainforest makes nearly twenty percent of the Earth’s oxygen, processing the carbon dioxide present in our atmosphere. This is one of the most important roles of rainforests. These forests help in preventing the global warming, by absorbing large amounts of carbon dioxide found within the atmosphere. If rainforests disappeared, that would affect the natural water cycle. This could produce negative effects in the environment.

Some important plants that are used for making medications are actually found in rainforests worldwide.

Weather could also change due to rainforest disappearance. In fact, significant changes in weather conditions could take place. This would have a negative effect on life all across our planet. Many people believe that changes in one part of the world cannot affect other regions of our planet, but this belief is completely wrong. Even the most distant areas are interconnected and if anything bad happens in one of them, it will produce negative effects in all other parts of the Earth.

The best way to save the rainforests can be permanent education. Everyone should know more about these problems as well as their consequences. Large companies and big ‘players’ should do something to save our own planet. After all, nothing is more valuable than the life itself.

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