Why Is the Ocean Salty

The Atlantic Shore

Why is the ocean salty? Most of us love the ocean, its waves, its enchanting sound and its exotic smell. Being near the ocean may even be a kind of therapy and can have benefits for your health. Stress and other harmful influences can be neutralized by spending time near the ocean. Swimming in the ocean can also result in health improvements.

In addition, it is believed that salty water has positive effects on your skin. Some dermatologists recommend spending time swimming in the ocean as a part of treatment for some skin problems. This has proven to be true. So, what is it with salty water? Why is salty water so beneficial to one’s health? Where does the salt come from and why is ocean salty anyway? We were curious to find out and share it with you.

Why Is the Ocean Salty and Where Does the Salt Come from

All kinds of water have certain amount of salt, although the salty taste is not always present. It also depends on your own sense of taste. However, some water is more concentrated in salts than others are. Ocean water is one of these waters, highly saturated with salts.

Salt partially comes from sediments and rocks that lie on the ocean’s bottom or below it. Volcanic activities that produce gases and solid substances also contribute to salt amounts in the ocean. Now, we know that some fresh waters flow into the ocean. How can it remain salty, then? One of the explanations can be the fact that fresh water that flows into the ocean evaporates due to Sun heat and what is left is salt!

Another interesting fact about ocean salty water is that our modern science still doesn’t know many things regarding its components. What we know is that there are many substances contained in salty ocean water. The amount of salt can vary, depending on ice melting, rainfall, waves, concentration of sodium, evaporation, river inflows and other factors. Some seas are saltier than others are. Salinity depends on the factor we mentioned above.

We know that ocean water can be helpful and good for your health. However, you should not drink it. Too much salt can be bad for your kidneys. Your eyes can also be irritated if swimming without a mask. After swimming in the ocean, yon do not have to take a shower right away, but you should not go to bed without taking a shower first.

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