Why Is Sleep Important

Sleep Is Very Importnant

Why is sleep important? It is extremely important to develop regular sleeping habits because our nerve cells are constantly active during the day and they become fatigued. Sleep recovers them from this fatigue and prepares them for our daily activities.

We spend one third of life sleeping and there is a good reason why. We might put off going to sleep but eventually sleep and fatigue will take over. Sleep is essential both for our body and for mind and here we will explain why.

Why Is Sleep Important For Your Health?

Inadequate sleep can cause decreases in performance, concentration, reaction time and learning. It can also provoke memory lapses, behavior and mood problems. Sleep gives the body a chance to reproduce essential body substances and repair muscles, other tissues and damaged cells and it strengthens the immune system.

Lack of sleep provokes behavior and mood swings and it can also create diverse psychological symptoms and diseases. It is no wonder that in hospitals people are encouraged to go to bed earlier, especially in psychiatric institutions where many drugs effect the patients’ sleeping habits and then recovers them from psychological symptoms. The growth hormone is released during sleep, but many of the body’s major organs and regulatory systems continue to work actively. Some parts of the brain actually increase their activity dramatically, and the body produces more of certain hormones important for normal functioning of the body and brain. Brain glycogen levels are replenished during sleep.

Researchers have theorized that sleep may restore some chemicals that are drained during periods of being awake. They have isolated chemicals that vary during sleep, like adenosine, which affects metabolism and fatigue and that is why many diet experts actually emphasize the importance of normal sleeping habits weight loss. Sleep has a healing effect. It gives our bodies and minds time to rejuvenate, regenerate, and restore. During sleep, we are able to organize long-term memory, integrate new information, and repair and renew tissue, nerve cells and other chemicals. It is also important for restoring the energy.

Scientists did experiments on rats. They prevented the rats from sleeping and the result after two or three weeks was devastating – they could even die after those two weeks had passed. After they had lost considerable weight, they were not able to regulate their body temperature and developed infections that finally caused death. This best describes the importance of sleep.

The Harvard Women’s Health Watch emphasizes other important reasons to get enough sleep. They say that lack of sleep can cause learning and memory problems, weight gain, and it can also cause cardiovascular problems like hypertension, increased stress hormone levels, irregular heartbeat and immunity problems. They say that keeping the good sleeping habits can even help preventing and fighting cancer.

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