Why Is Recycling Important for the Environment

Why is recycling important for the environment? As we know, technology and industry are highly developed, and this trend will continue. However, they affect our environment in many different ways, some of which are negative. They generate waste and they can cause water pollution, air pollution and other types of environmental problems. Recycling is one of the ways to reduce negative effects of technological progress. There are several reasons for recycling.

Why Is Recycling Important?

Recycling is defined as a process of separating, collecting, and processing used materials that are thrown away. Nearly all materials can be recycled. Some of the most common ones are paper, glass, plastic, and metal.

Air pollution can be reduced and prevented if we recycle. Factories make various items, using plastic and other materials, but this process also results in waste and toxic gases. If we recycle, the need for new industries will not increase, but will probably remain the same.

Global warming can be reduced if we recycle. Carbon dioxide is probably one of the major causes of global warming. If factories would produce new aluminum, this would result in nearly 96 % more of this harmful gas. If aluminum were recycled, this percentage would be smaller for the same figure.

We should recycle in order to save energy. Recycling process needs less energy than process of producing new goods. Process of manufacturing paper is one of the good examples.

Recycling can help in solving the problem with landfills. Areas that can be used for these purposes are already disappearing, so we should think about this problem in time. Cities and suburbs already have this problem. Landfills are getting closer to human settlements, and this leads to various diseases and infections. This affects the quality of live in the most negative way.

Water pollution could be reduced, too. The waste that is disposed into oceans and seas could be reduced in great measure. Industrial waste can be deadly to some species that live in seas and oceans. Even humans can be affected.

If you need more reasons, you can read some of the following facts about recycling.

More than 2000000 of plastic bottles are thrown away every hour in the United States. Plastic is considered the main source of environmental problems.

Nearly 400 gallons of oil are needed for making one ton of paper.

If we recycle one ton of glass, we will save one ton of resources we need for producing one ton of new glass.

Electronic goods should be recycled as well. We can use these materials for reproduction of the same items. No need to say that energy will be saved and pollution will be reduced.

Now that you know more about recycling and pollution, you can start recycling! It is not so hard, you will see. If you love your neighborhood and your city, you will probably want to make your own contribution to the environment you are living in. You should tell your children about recycling and teach them some good habits in order to preserve the environment.

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