Why Is My Poop Green

“Why is my poop green?” If this is your problem, perhaps you will find some answers here. The color of your stool can tell a lot about your health. Brown stool is considered normal. If your stool happens to be other than brown, that doesn’t necessarily mean you are ill. If your stool is green, this can mean several things. Keep reading to learn more about the causes of green stool.

Green Stool Causes

Many people sometimes have this problem, but in most cases, it is not serious. However, if your stool is both runny and green, you should visit your doctor.

Here are some causes of green stool. The foods you ate can cause green stool. If you consumed green vegetables in large amounts, your stool could turn green. If this is the case, there is nothing to worry about because your stool will get back to normal in a few days.

Green Stool Causes in Newborns and Toddlers

• Green stool is not very common in adults, but it is common in babies. Mothers are usually worried about green poop in newborns, but this is normal. However, it is different with toddlers. Green poop in toddlers can indicate some intestinal problems.

Green Stool Causes in Adults

• Adults can have green stool if they have too much iron in their diet. If you are taking any iron supplements, this can cause green stool. This happens because your body cannot completely absorb iron, so it is eliminated from the body, making your stool green.

• If you consume large amounts of green vegetables, like spinach, for example, your stool can turn green. Green pigment called chlorophyll (which can be found in leaves) leads to green stool.

• Diarrhea (or green stool) is often caused by extremely fast and/or bad digestion. The food is not properly digested and it will not change its color.

• Bile presence can also lead to green stool. Let us explain this. Excessive bile production is responsible for changes in stool color, so it can be bright green.

• Additives can also be responsible for this problem. Some types of foods are loaded with additives and artificial colors, too.

Those were some of the common causes of green stool. However, if you notice this problem in your toddler, do not wait for green stool to stop on its own. Visit your doctor to make sure everything is all right. Sometimes, green stool in toddlers can indicate intestinal problems and you must not ignore it. If your newborn has severe diarrhea that just won’t stop, you will have to visit your doctor.

If you cannot stop diarrhea or your stool cannot get back to normal, visit your doctor. As we said, green stool in adults can sometimes be a sign of other problems. You can try changing your diet and stop eating green vegetables, but if that doesn’t help you, you will have to see your doctor.

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