Why Is Mars Red in Color

Why is Mars red in color? This interesting planet symbolizes many things. For example, red color is also known as the symbol of danger, but it is also the symbol of passion. Mars got its name after the God of War from Roman mythology. Even in astrology, Mars means some kind of danger. In astrology, this planet is considered an important factor for a person’s fate. However, if you don’t believe in astrology and similar predictions, you may be interested to hear the scientific answer to the question ‘why is Mars red?’

Why Is Mars Red?

Mars is known as the red planet. Other planets have interesting colors, too, but Mars is different.

Thanks to good telescopes, today we know why Mars is red. Many space missions went to Mars, which allowed us to learn more about this planet and its characteristics. Even the soil was examined and analyzed in order to learn more about Mars.

Mars is red because of large amounts of ferric oxide (nanophase ferric oxide) that is found in the soil. As you can see, the explanation is very simple. You know that iron becomes reddish once it rusts. It is pretty much the same with the surface of Mars. According to many theories, Mars is red because of the rust found on its surface. These theories have been validated after numerous researches and studies.

The layer of ferric oxide on the surface of Mars is actually thin. Ferric oxide covers the entire planet, making it look red.

Some minerals are also responsible for the color of this planet. Mars is red because of iron-related minerals. Nanocrystalline red hematite is responsible for red color of this planet. It can be found anywhere on the Mars’ surface. This discovery resulted from many studies of the Martian soil.

There are several theories about the processes that created red dust on Mars’ surface. These theories have not been verified yet. One of the theories says that the surface of Mars could have had some water on it, and the iron rusted because of the water, making the planet look reddish. Other theories say that this red dust on the Mars’ surface could have been created as a result of oxidation of magnetite and quarts that are found on the surface of Mars.

These are some of the most interesting theories. However, we still have a lot to find out about this planet. Until then, we can observe it and enjoy its beauty. Mars symbolizes so many things. It has inspired many artists, filmmakers and writers. Many science fiction movies have been made about Mars and its ‘inhabitants’. As we know, there is no life on Mars, but some interesting movies have been made about this.

Mars is a symbol of war, aggression, strength, authority and power. However, we know that red color also symbolizes some beautiful things, like passion, for example. You can associate Mars with any of these symbols, but there is one thing you have to agree on – this planet looks amazing!

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