Why Do We Eat Turkey on Thanksgiving Day

Why do we eat turkey on Thanksgiving Day? Old customs are interesting and they all have their purpose! Read more about this old custom and learn more about Thanksgiving.

This is a harvest holiday, celebrated in Canada and in the U.S.A. It used to be a religious holiday, but today nearly everyone celebrates it, so we can consider it a secular one.

The second Monday in October is celebrated as Thanksgiving Day in Canada (this day is known as Columbus Day in the U.S.A).


Thanksgiving Day customs actually come from Europe. Europeans have always had harvest festivals. During these days, they used to address gods in order to have a successful harvest. Native Americans also had their own celebrations related to harvest. When the first European settlers came to America, they brought their own customs.

Thanksgiving Turkey

Thanksgiving turkey is an important part of tradition. However, very few people actually now why we eat turkey on Thanksgiving. There are numerous stories that explain this and we will tell you one of them. According to the story, Queen Elizabeth had a baked goose for the harvest holiday. She was notified about the sinking of the Spanish Armada before it managed to attack her country, and she was a kind of happy for that, so she ordered another goose. This was the reason why the baked goose has become one of the most popular dishes of that time. In America, the goose was not so easy to find, but the turkey was a very common bird. It was much easier to find a turkey, so Pilgrims added this bird to their traditional customs. Turkey has replaced the goose. That is the main reason why we eat turkey on thanksgiving instead of goose. As you can see, the reason is very pragmatic!

There is another story about Thanksgiving turkey, according to which the turkey became accepted after the Independence War in the U.S.

There are probably more reasons why this bird is eaten for Thanksgiving Day, but these stories sound interesting. The fact that a turkey is incredibly delicious is probably a good reason to eat it for such a great holiday. This large bird can feed the entire family and even your guests! There are many ways to prepare the turkey and the meat is very healthy and tasty. Vegetarians will disagree, but most people find this true.

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