Why Do We Celebrate Veterans Day

Why do we celebrate Veterans Day? Veterans Day is one of the great federal holidays, but the reason for celebration is still not known to many Americans. Well, to explain this reason we should get some help from history books …. Let go back and find out why we celebrate this day.

Historical Background: World War I

After geopolitical positioning on the shores of China, there’s been a shift in power of the world’s major forces. While all eyes were concentrated on China, Germany began building its navy forces, trying to rule Europe or simply to play a major role on this continent.

Having this in mind, Franc Ferdinand assassination in Sarajevo served as a cause to begin a conflict that would become global. America joined this war in 1917 with the outbreak of revolution in Russia. With numerous casualties greater than world had ever been faced, the World War I was over on 11 November 1918 with Germany capitulation.

Origin of the Holiday

This day was first celebrated as the end of the war and in the name of soldiers who gave their lives. While many countries celebrate this day by the different names, it is known as Armistice Day in The United States.  However, it was not until 1938, that this day became official federal holiday and celebrated as such every year on 11 November. Unfortunately, by 1954, America took part in two wars, World War II and the Korean War. These two wars took many human lives and things that were previously unthinkable, started happening again. Due to heavy losses in human lives in these wars in 1954, Congress made the amend on 1938’s act and replaced the name Armistice Day with Veterans Day. So now, a holiday that was originally celebrated in honor of heroes of the World War I is now celebrated in honor of all soldiers that gave their lives during the war time.

Although in the beginning this holiday was celebrated on 11 November, from 1971 to 1978 it was celebrated on fourth Monday of October. Because of the confusion that was made by these calculations every year, it was decided to return this holiday to 11 November. Many believe that this date is much better because it signifies the exact day when the war was over.

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