Why Do We Celebrate Halloween in the USA

Halloween Night

Why do we celebrate Halloween in the USA? This is one of the greatest and most interesting events we celebrate in the U.S.

Halloween History

Halloween is actually a very old holiday. It was celebrated in the culture of Gaels, who believed that this October night was a boundary between the world of the living and the world of the dead people. Their customs were much like those we have today – they also used costumes, made masks and spent time together. They believed that was the way to fight all the evil around them. Halloween is also accepted in Australia, England and Netherlands. This has probably happened because of the influence of the U.S. media, but the Halloween itself is so interesting and joyful day, that it is no wonder other countries have accepted it.

Why Do We Call It “Halloween”?

This name comes from an abbreviation. “ALL-HALLOW-EVEN”, related to “all hallows’ day”, also called “All Saints’ Day”. This holiday was actually a pagan holiday. Back then, the “All Saints’ Day” was celebrated on the same day when the “Halloween” was also celebrated. Today, the “All Saints’ Day” actually comes right after the Halloween.

Halloween Customs

Halloween customs have always been very interesting and they have lasted for ages. The Halloween pumpkin is a symbol of this celebration and it is the symbol of the Stingy Jack. He was an Irish evil farmer, who was very greedy. He was so wise that he managed to trick the devil himself, so the devil got very angry and decided to curse the old farmer, so he condemned him to walk only during the night. This is why we carve pumpkin to look rather fearful. Pumpkins were first related to harvest, but during the nineteenth century, they became related to the Halloween as well. Halloween traditional colors are orange and black. Orange symbolizes fire, autumn and pumpkins, while black symbolizes death, dark and fear.

Halloween costumes are the most interesting part of the Halloween. Some people prefer making their own costumes, while others prefer buying them. The costumes designed for Halloween night are great and you can find any kind of costumes you like.

Kids, teenagers and old people all like Halloween. This day is celebrated by everyone, regardless of age. If you are planning to visit the United States, you should definitely stay there for the Halloween. This is something you will always remember!

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