Why Do We Celebrate Easter in America

Why do we celebrate Easter in America? We will tell you more about this special day. Easter is actually the commemoration of Jesus’ resurrection. This was the day when Jesus came back from the dead. This event actually made the humankind free from sins. Christian religion says that Jesus actually died in order to save the entire world. This was a proof of unselfishness and true love towards all people. Let us learn more about this important Christian celebration.

Why Do We Celebrate Easter?

As we said, this day symbolizes true love and unselfishness. According to the Holy Bible, God created a man and he gave him free will. He also created a woman.

Those were Adam and Eve. They were both free to make their own decisions.However, they were not allowed to eat the fruits of the particular tree. The devil made Eve eat these fruits and convinced her that she would stay alive after eating the fruits. Eve ate the fruits and she convinced Adam to eat them, too. This meant that these two people actually disobeyed the will of God. They did not die, but they were condemned. This was the fall of the mankind. This is why all human beings carry this sinful nature. They can be easily fooled, they can be vain, selfish and unreliable. In fact, human beings can be very bad to each other. All the evil, wars, poverty and illnesses actually come from this destructive part of human nature.

Jesus Christ came to Earth to save humankind from sins and evil. In fact, it was only Jesus who could reconcile humankind to the Lord. He sacrificed his own life. His own blood could save humans from all the evil in this world. He was willing to die. However, he resurrected, and this day is what we celebrate today as Easter.

After he was crucified, the body of Jesus was put in a tomb. The entrance of the tomb was covered by another tomb. There were several soldiers who guarded Jesus’ tomb. People were quite aware that this tomb had to be guarded. They simply wanted to prevent Jesus’ disciples from stealing his body. On the 3rd day following his death, Jesus resurrected. It was Sunday morning. The body wasn’t there. All that was found in the tomb was the linen which wrapped the body.

Easter is celebrated as a commemoration of this event. This is the time we spend with our families. This day is devoted to love and generosity. We should forgive our enemies and love our friends and families. This is what Easter is all about. Jesus was crucified on Friday, which is why we call the Friday before Easter “The Good Friday”. Easter is celebrated on Sunday, every year. It is the celebration of God’s love, eternal life, faith and forgiveness. We hope this article was helpful. Now you know more about this great myth. We cannot know the details, but we don’t even have to know them. All of us can accept these great values and be better to ourselves and to people around us.

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