Why Do People Lie

Do You Lie?

Indeed, why do people lie? Have you ever thought about lie as such? Have you ever tried to recall and analyze your own lies? Are you aware of your lies in the first place? What do we know about the causes of lying and can we prevent ourselves from doing it? Can we tell if someone is lying to us? What should we do in such situations?

To answer the question “Why do people lie?” we must first say something more about lies. There are “little white lies” that we use in order to avoid uncomfortable situations. Using them, we are actually trying to protect someone else or ourselves from being embarrassed or feeling bad. We tend to misinterpret the truth, make it a little different from what it really is – or simply – we remain quite and say nothing at all. These kinds of lies are mostly acceptable because we do not hide anything important and our motives are noble and led by care or love.

Why Do People Lie So Much?

However, some people lie all the time. Why do they have the need to do that? Well, there are many reasons. First, if someone is lying about himself in order to make a better impression, he is actually deceiving himself, not the person he is lying. These lies do not live very long. The truth will become obvious eventually.

However, these lies come from a strong feeling of being less important and attempts to become more important in his own eyes. “The eye of the beholder” is merely an instrument

one uses to convince himself that he is something that he is not. That is how some people behave in order to feel good about themselves. When one tells a lie, a person that is listening can be impressed by what he/she has heard, and then the liar feels good about himself.

This kind of self-deception cannot really last for a very long time, so one keeps repeating his lies, seeking for that good feeling he needs so desperately. That is the moment when lying can turn into a real psychological problem. In addition, lies are not bad only for a liar, but for the people around him. There are people who need to attend therapies in order to stop lying. Do not judge them. Keep in mind that they really have a serious problem with self-esteem and they are trying to escape from their own truth. A lie is just a curtain they use to hide themselves from their own insecurity and problems.

Why Do People Lie in Relationships?

Why do people lie in relationships, if they really care for someone? There can be several possible reasons. First, we can tell a lie in order not to hurt the one we love. This is sometimes unavoidable, but this is not really a lie, but rather not telling something that can hurt someone. Things that you do not say should never have to do with important issues, but rather unimportant little things. For example, you do not always have to be honest about your boyfriend’s weight. You can say:”You look great, but you should start exercising, just to maintain this weight”. It is better to say that then “You are fat. You need to lose weight”.

If people lie to their partners about some important things, they need to stop for a minute and ask themselves why they do that. First, why are they with someone if they have to lie all the time? Isn’t it better to be with someone with whom you can be totally honest and relaxed? If you cheat on your partner and lie about that, you should think whether you love him/her. People who love somebody do not cheat on him. Sometimes cheaters regret and feel bad for their actions and then they lie because they are afraid they will lose the person they’re with. If you just cannot confess your mistake, perhaps you can think about the reasons why you did it in the first place. When you find the answer to that question, you will know exactly what to do. Just one more thing: do not lie to yourself! Remember, being honest with yourself is necessary for being honest with other people.

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