Why Do Men Cheat on Their Girlfriends

Why do men cheat on their girlfriends? The question sounds funny, but if you are the girlfriend – it is no funny at all. The reasons why men cheat differ from the reasons why women cheat. Most of women start cheating on their boyfriends after they have tried almost everything to get their attention. That is the last thing they choose to do, and they start doing it when they are truly desperate. Most of women find it difficult to engage in sexual intercourse with someone who is not close to them, so they usually turn to someone they already know and trust.

They are actually looking for some true attention, kindness and love they cannot get from their boyfriends. This can be said for most of the women, although there are exceptions, of course. Why do men cheat? There are several reasons.

Ego Booster

Yes, that’s perfectly right – most of them cheat because it boosts their ego. This is the worst kind of cheaters and women can get really hurt by such men. This type of man is actually very insecure and he is feeling worthless and has no self-confidence. He is actually unhappy with himself and he keeps looking for more and more confirmations regarding his own qualities as a man. “Casanova” syndrome can have something to do with this. Except Casanova really enjoyed being with all those women, while this guy is actually never doing it simply because of pleasure. He is doing it just to confirm that he is a desirable handsome dude. In other words, by cheating on his girl, he is trying to convince himself that he is desirable and capable of getting any woman. However, this guy will never go for a woman that is beyond his league. The woman he goes for is probably incomparable to his girlfriend in any way. She is probably less beautiful, smart, funny or lovable, but she is something like a certain “prey”. He will go for her just because he is certain that he will not be pushed away. After all, the point is to win as many women as possible, just to keep that feeling of power and self-confidence. This man was probably very unhappy as a child and may have had serious trauma. He hasn’t been getting enough love and affection from his parents. In addition, his teenage days could have been traumatic and he could have been spending his time with no girls around. Do not judge him and do not be mad at him. Just kiss him and say goodbye. He will never change, even though he actually loves you, because in this case – love has nothing to do with it.

“Just Experimenting”

There are men who cheat on their girlfriends simply because they are not mature enough to choose one girl to be with. They keep experimenting with different types of girls, just to see which type is best for them. He can even fall in love with you, but he will always be curious when it comes to other girls. He thinks you are great, but what if there is someone better for him? He just doesn’t want to miss the chance if he gets it, and he will certainly not hesitate or say “no” just because he is with you. If you need a real and deeply emotional relationship, you will just have to say goodbye to this guy.

Truly Unhappy

This is rare, but it is possible! A man can feel truly unhappy with his relationship and sometimes he just cannot change anything. Perhaps he has been trying to talk to his girlfriend and change things, but it wasn’t successful. Why doesn’t he leave her, then? Well, he still loves her for some reason and hopes for the best. However, there are moments of desperation and rage, and those are the critical moments in which this guy can cheat on his girlfriend. If you are in this situation, keep in mind that this will get you nowhere. You should solve the problem with your girlfriend and keep being in this relationship – or you should just leave and seek your happiness with some other girl. Anything is better than cheating and lying. You are only lying to yourself and wasting your time, you know.

Why Do Men Cheat on Their Girlfriends and Deny It?

If this happens just for once, a man will probably try to hide it from his partner. He may start to feel guilty and just try to forget the whole thing. That is why he will probably deny it, not only because of his partner and possible break-up but also for his own guilty conscious. If he forgets about it, it will be as if it has never happened. That is how most of people look at it.

If he is cheating all the time and still denying it, the cause can be found in his own lack of self-confidence. You see, if he is cheating all the time, he will be getting that self-esteem he needs so desperately; if he never gets caught, he will feel even more “skillful” with women…a true “Casanova” (in his own mind, of course). And finally, some men deny it simply because they do not have the guts to confess it. Whatever the case is, if you are in a relationship with a guy similar to any of these, get out of there and find someone who will respect you.

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