Why Do i Sweat So Much

You regularly use an antiperspirant and wear cotton shirts, but you still keep asking yourself: ‘why do i sweat so much’? This issue makes you less confident and tense?

Even though it may sound strange, sweating is absolutely normal. That is the way your body maintains a normal body temperature. When you sweat your body produces liquid (most of it is water) which evaporates from skin surface and has cooling for result. It can be increased by various factors, like being nervous/anxious, extra hot or ill. Sweating is normal in body areas like arm pits, hand palms, groin and soles of the feet. It has no smell, but when it comes to contact with bacteria on our skin, it makes an odor, which can be intensive or just mild.

If you’re still worried and think you sweat too much, looking for a professional opinion or seeing a dermatologist is always a good choice. In that way you can hope to eliminate any medical reasons for sweating. Common factors that cause excessive sweating are obesity and thyroid issues. The best thing you can do is to take the following measures: shower/have a bath every day and use deodorant, especially the ones with antiperspirant.

They will minimize bad smell even if you continue to sweat as much. Try to wear plain 100 % cotton or linen shirt under your ordinary t-shirt, which will soak extra sweat. Make sure you change socks a few times a day if necessary, if this is your trouble area. Drinking a few cups of green tea a day can also be beneficial to you. Have in mind that anxiety and stress can result in sweating. Whenever you find yourself in that kind of situation, try to relax – it will certainly reduce your sweating.

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