Why do Dogs Eat Grass When They are Sick

Why do dogs eat grass when they are sick? If you have a dog, you have probably seen him eating grass and then vomiting. This can make you wonder if everything is all right with your dog. We will try to explain why dogs do that.

Eating grass makes your dog feel sick and it makes him vomit. Whenever your dog feels like something inside his stomach is bothering him, he will go out and eat some grass, vomit, and then go back to his daily routine. Just five minutes after vomiting, your dog will be running around joyfully! He will be waiting to get his breakfast or play with you. So if you were wondering what was wrong with your dog, the answer is: There is nothing wrong with your dog! He is perfectly fine! Dogs do this to solve their digestion problems! Your dog is actually helping you because you won’t have to call a vet.

There is something you can do to help your dog. If you see him eating grass, it means that his digestive tract is bothering him. Try to feed the dog several times a day. Meals should be smaller. Instead of two large meals, give him four smaller meals. Avoid very fatty foods, and feed him with natural foods rather than with artificial dehydrated foods. These foods may have vitamins added, but they also have many more additives that could irritate your dog. Eating grass doesn’t have to result in vomiting, however. In this case, you should know that eating grass is something that dogs just do. They need nutrients from grass and this is their way to get them! Grass goes through dog’s digestive system without making any harm.

However, if your dog eats grass three times a week (or more frequent), it means that he probably has a kind of stomach/digestion problem. In that case, you should take your dog to a vet and see what’s wrong.

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