Why Did Dinosaurs Become Extinct

Why did dinosaurs become extinct? The extinction of this species has been a subject to many debates. There are numerous theories trying to explain this. Numerous researches have been done in order to find out the cause of the dinosaur extinction. After extensive research work, many scientists have agreed on one theory. The dinosaurs have probably died out because of an asteroid that had hit the Earth some sixty-five million years ago. The scientists who done this research come from all over the world. They have been working together, in order to find out the truth. Let us learn more about this interesting subject.

What Happened to Dinosaurs?

Before this theory about the asteroid, there were two major theories about the dinosaur extinction. According to the first theory, there was an asteroid that had hit the Chicxulub. According to the other theory, there was a great volcano eruption that lasted for several hundred years.

The theory about the asteroid turned out to be accurate. Some species that used to live on our planet have died because of this asteroid.

Mrs. Joanna Morgan has stated that scientists were quite certain that the dinosaur extinction was caused by an asteroid. This caused enormous fires, as well as earthquakes and tsunamis. This caused global winter and many species had died out. According to numerous fossil studies, this theory seems to be true. The asteroid caused general darkness and cold weather, which lasted long enough for these species to completely vanish. The earthquakes were extremely strong, so as the fires and tsunamis. Some of the species simply failed to adapt to such conditions and they died. They were not able to survive or reproduce, which caused the complete extinction. Today, we have fossils and these are the main source of the knowledge we have about the dinosaurs. Scientists have succeeded in finding out more about these animals, their diet, habitat and other characteristics. Some of them were herbivorous, while others were carnivorous and omnivorous. Some of these large animals are well studied, thanks to the fossils. These researches have also revealed the secret of the dinosaur extinction.

Today, we have very modern and reliable methods of prediction. We can predict weather in the long run, and we can also predict various natural occurrences. However, nature can be quite unpredictable, and there are many natural disasters that are hard to predict and even harder to prevent. Sometimes, very bad things happen and we are not able to stop them. Tsunamis can be very destructive and many people have already lost their lives. Volcanic activities and earthquakes can also be very unpredictable and destructive. We live in a high-tech era, but we are still powerless when it comes to nature and its own moods.

Now you know why the dinosaur became extinct. Fortunately, there are fossils that can be used for scientific studies and we can learn more and more about various types of dinosaurs and other forms of life that used to live on our planet millions of years ago.

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