Who Is the Strongest Woman in the World

Who is the strongest woman in the world? There are several candidates for this title. One may think that being strong is just for men. However, several women have shown that being strong did not prevent them from being women, wives and mothers. The first wonder-woman is Jill Mills, who is also a mother and a wife, besides being the strongest woman in the world.

Jill Mills

She was successful in powerlifting and bodybuilding as well. This thirty year old lady is truly impressive. She has been working out since she was thirteen years old. Her Dad was the one who inspired her to start with weight lifting. She saw him exercising with weights and she wanted to try it herself.

At that time, she was too young and her family wouldn’t let her do it, but she waited for them to fall asleep and then she would exercise. She also loved running and doing sit-ups regularly. She says that she loves bodybuilding – in despite of the fact that there are so many things you have to give away. Powerlifting is also enjoyable for her, but her true love is the strongwoman competition. That is more interesting and dynamic sport and she is happy to meet new people and learn new things that are related to this sport.

Who Is the Strongest Girl in the World?

We have told you the story of the strongest woman, but here is another interesting story. This girl is certainly worth of anyone’s attention. Her name is Cheryl Haworth, and she is very fond of weight lifting. She is capable of lifting more than 290 pounds over her head. This is as heavy as 2 refrigerators, just to get the picture. Can you imagine a girl holding 2 refrigerators above her head? Well, she can do it! She is 19 and lives a rather simple kind of life. She loves playing croquet with her friends and seems like a really nice girl. And she certainly is!

Did you notice that strong people are never nervous? Most of them never argue and they seem pretty calm. That is normal, actually. They are very self-confident and they do not have the need to prove anything to anyone. They are aware of their own strength and qualities, which makes them even more special. There are more great women who can be candidates for wining this flattery title. We will write about them, too.

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