Who Is the Fattest Woman in the World

Who is the fattest woman in the world? There are many photographs showing (and articles writing about) the fattest people in the world, but let’s see who is the fattest woman in the world according to the most reliable information we have found. Terri Smith from Ohio is definitely the record holder with her 700 pounds. Although she suffers from severe headaches (for which doctors believe are side effects of an existing brain tumor), cannot move and is “tied” to bed, her husband, Myron Smith, still shows his affection and love toward his obese wife. The only way for Terri to move is literally to roll or simply to stay captured in her bedroom forever or until she loses much weight.

Serious Health Problem

Terri was “rounded” even when she was a child and reached 18 stone when she was only 20, and now, with her weight, she will be facing death if she does not lose weight very quickly. As said, this 49 year old woman is believed to have brain tumor and needs brain scan but there is no MRI machine big enough for her. Unfortunately, there is just no way for Terri to fit in any of the existing scanners so some of the doctors came to the idea to scan her brain at the Cleveland Zoo, where she would be put in the scanner used for animals like elephants and rhinoceros. As it turned out, this solution is also impossible because the Zoo is not allowed to use it on people. Terri’s husband and two daughters are required to make the life easier for their beloved one, feeding and dressing her, changing her diapers and doing everything that has to be done. The fattest woman in the world is obviously losing the game against this serious problem and there is not much time left for her to beat this illness.

However, despite her obesity, Terri has not lost the people she cares for; it is not an easy thing to take care of a person so large and so limited in many ways. Everyday treatments and exercises for burning some calories, take a lot of time and effort for this big person, but Terri will find enough strength and motivation to fight for her life and for the well-being of her daughters and husband who are supporting her. If she succeeds to lose some weight and fit under the MRI machine, she could be treated and cured.

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