Who Is the Fastest Man in the World

Usain Bolt Is the Fastest Man in the World

Who is the fastest man in the world? The fastest man in the world is Usain Bolt. He was born in 1986 in Jamaica. Bolt is holding the world record in 100 m and 200m. At the World Junior Championships in 2002, Bolt was amazingly fast and his performance made him the youngest winner ever. His time was 19.93! He set the new world record in 2008.

Bolt’s Early Life

Bolt was born in 1986. He has a brother and a sister. He loved playing football with his brother and he knew that he wanted to be an athlete. He said that all he was thinking about was sport.

He was just a schoolboy when he first started showing a great sport potential. Running was his specialty. However, he continued playing cricket and other sports. His coach recognized the talent in this high school student and encouraged his will and efforts. It was 2001 when Bolt won the school championship for the first time. It was clear that this boy was talented, so Mr. McNeil started training him. He once stated that he was often very angry because Bolt was not dedicated enough. However, two of them had a great partnership.


IAAF World Youth in 2001 was one of the most important events he took part in. He did not succeed in qualifying, but he was good, nevertheless. He actually never took any of these competitions very seriously. He even made several incidents that were only funny to him. His coach was frustrated back then. However, Bolt continued with good results and record setting.

In 2004, with the new coach, Bolt became a professional. New coach was Fitz Coleman. He was the first among junior sprinters with time shorter than 20 seconds for 200 meters. During the same year, he was injured. However, that did not stop this young athlete. He represented his country as an Olympic squad member.

He was getting many great offers, but he turned them all down, with a rather “teenage” explanation, that he simply wouldn’t leave Jamaica.

Bolt’s success proves the fact that love for sport can really give you enough strength to achieve anything. He wasn’t thinking about the money or glory. He never even wanted to become a celebrity. He was simply doing what he wanted to do – to run. This story has a good point. Think about it. This Jamaican young man is still just as humble as he used to be before he became a professional.

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