Who Is the Fastest Guitarist in the World

Who is the fastest guitarist in the world? If you like playing guitar, read our article! There are several candidates for this title. There are some things all of them have in common. First, they are all great. All of them seem to play without any effort! According to several sources, the fastest guitarist in the world is Tiago Della Vega. We will tell you more about this Brazilian guitarist. Tiago Della Vega was born in Caxias do Sul. He was only five when he started learning to play the guitar. It was an acoustic guitar actually. Shortly after that, he trued playing an electric guitar and that was it! From that moment on, this was the passion that has been following him all his life.

He finally started studying electric guitar. He made many sacrifices. For example, during that period, he used to practice more than fourteen hours a day! He played with two bands: “Fermatha” and “After Dark”. Today he plays solo, traveling and performing around the world. Tiago Della Vega is the official record holder for fast playing. If you look at him while he is playing, you will hardly even see his fingers moving! You can play it in a slow motion. That is the only way to actually see something.

Guitar Playing

If you are interested in guitar playing, try listening and observing some great guitar players, like Mark Knopfler (Dire Straits), Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Yingwee Malmsteen, Santana and others. You will see that each of them has his own style. Try to learn something from each of them. Playing guitar is an art, and every art is original and unique. This requires a little improvisations and new stuff. Hendrix would never be so famous if he hadn’t brought a new style.

Guitar playing style also depends on the genre you want to play. However, never reject any genre. Try to learn as much as you can and mix different genres, to develop your creativity and your own style. The only way to find out what you are really good at is to try every style. Take some lessons if necessary. It is important to learn the routine, so you will have to practice a lot. Later, when you get enough practice, try developing your own playing style. It will depend on your own preferences, but also on the type of guitar you want to play. Guitar is a great instrument. Once you learn how to play it, there will be numerous possibilities and new things to play.

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