Who Is the Best Violinist Today

Who is the best violinist today? Violin is one of the most appreciated instruments. To play it, you need a great talent and a lot of practice.

The question about the best violinist today is definitely a subjective question – and whom ever you choose among today’s prominent violinists – you won’t be wrong.

We’ve made our choice – for us, and for a lot of people today the answer to this question is – Joshua Bell.


Joshua bell was born in America in 1967. At a very early age he began taking violin lessons, since his mother noticed his interest in music. Although he started very early, he had time to live a ‘normal’ life as a child, and wasn’t absolutely committed to violin until the age of 12. At that time, his parents got in touch with pedagogue Josef Gingold who had a great influence on his later life. Being a violinist himself, Gingold knew how to get him fully committed. When he was only 14, Joshua had a very hard solo wit Philadelphia orchestra.

Violinist career

Joshua first appeared in Carnegie Hall in 1985 and soon after that he became really prominent and played with orchestras around the world. Along with performances at the Tuscan Sun Hollywood Bowl, Tanglewood and many other famous and prestigious festivals, Joshua also played a solo part in two movies and took part in composing the music for “Angels and Demons” movie.

Joshua Bell won his Grammy award for the Maw concerto recording with Sir Roger Norrington and the London Philharmonic Orchestra. In 2007, Joshua also won rarely given award, for a great achievement in classical music, Avery Fisher Prize. Apart from these very important prizes, he also won many others, like Musical America Award, Distinguished Alumni Service Award, Echo Klassik Award etc. In addition to this, this young and prosperous violinist had a very successful record sale. His “Romance of the Violin” was sold in enormous numbers and was in top ten for classical songs for a very long time.

His violin is a very rare Stradivarius violin made in 1713, which has been stolen two times. This was before he acquired it. After one of these thefts, the culprit admitted everything on his deathbed: he left the instrument in a house for keeping. After many twists of this extraordinary story, Joshua came into possession of a Stradivarius violin for 4 million dollars.

Perhaps there are other violinists that can compete for this title, but no one can deny the fact that Joshua Bell is one of the most gifted violinists. If you hear his music there’s no doubt you will agree.

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