Who Invented Toilet Paper and in What Year

Who invented toilet paper and in what year? Can you imagine how it would be to live without toilet paper? Would you dare to try living without it for just one day? We wouldn’t! Who invented toilet paper? Who ever it was, we should be very grateful! Let us find out more about toilet paper history.

Who Invented Toilet Paper

Many experts believe that the Chinese people were the first to use toilet paper. According to many sources, toilet paper was first used in 1391, in China. However, toilet paper is probably much older – it was mentioned in 589 AD. Toilet paper was made in very large sheets. Another great thing about this toilet paper is that it was perfumed! Can you believe it? Of course, this perfumed toilet paper was not made for everybody to use. It was only made for the emperor.

Before toilet paper came to west, people who lived on this side of the world had been using corncobs. This wasn’t very enjoyable, was it? But it is true – corncobs were used as the most suitable means. Today, many of us cannot even imagine how it feels to use a corncob instead of toilet paper.

Until the 17th century, toilet paper was quite rare. After the newspapers had been invented, people realized that reading wasn’t the only benefit they could get. Newspapers became convenient for using in toilets. So, you could buy newspapers, take them with you to read while you’re in the toilet and still have some use after reading the news.

The first pack of toilet paper was created by Joseph C. Gayetty, in 1857. This paper was available until 1920. This paper wasn’t packed in rolls.

Seth Wheeler started making his toilet paper and many people consider this man to be the toilet paper inventor. His company was the first to sell toilet paper rolls.

One of the well-known companies that made a great business making toilet paper was Scott Paper Company. It was founded in Philadelphia. By the beginning of the 20th century, this company became one of the greatest toilet paper manufacturers in the world. They made a fortune.

It was 1935 when the first splinter free paper was made. This toilet paper was soft and people were delighted. Northern Tissue made a great success with this toilet paper. They also made the first colored toilet paper in 1954.

Now you know more about toilet paper history. We thought you would be interested to learn more about this piece of luxury that is still available for everyone to use. Today, we have all kinds of toilet paper – perfumed, colored, and soft as if it made of silk. Now, try comparing this modern toilet paper to corncobs. Unthinkable? Well, a few centuries ago, it was quite normal to use corncobs. Only the members of high society classes could afford the luxury called toilet paper. Fortunately, times have changed!

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