Who Invented the Pencil and When

Who invented the pencil and when? A pencil can be defined as a graphite stick inside the other wooden stick. Pencil was a revolutionary invention! It facilitated communication and all kinds of work! The invention of the pencil is probably one of the greatest inventions ever. Let us learn more about the pencil history.

Who Invented the Pencil?

Most researches believe that the pencil was invented in the 16th century, in England. The story of the pencil invention is a very interesting one. People who lived in a small village called Seatwaite found a large deposit of graphite. They found out that such materials could be useful in marking the sheep and cattle. This was a simple and easy way to make the distinction between their cattle.

That was the first pencil ever used. However, once they realized how to make the graphite sticks, they started using these sticks for writing, too.

When making these pencils, they used sheepskin. They didn’t use any wood for these purposes. The wood case that held the graphite inside was actually first made in Italy. Soon after this, wood cases became popular in other countries, too. Various types of wood were used for making wood cases for pencils.

The British people were the first to gain the monopoly in pencil manufacturing.

In the seventeenth century, in Germany, powdered graphite was used for making pencil cores for the very first time. Therefore, Great Britain and Germany are considered the countries where the first pencils were made.

In the eighteenth century, in France, the first pencil was made using a clay and graphite mixture. This method was also used in Austria. In fact, this technique spread very fast to other countries. This is the same method we use today!

Pencils come in various colors, shapes, styles and designs. Different pencils are made for different purposes. There are specially designed pencils for all kinds of work! There are funny pencils for kids, there are stylish and high quality pencils, there are hard and soft pencils … As you can see, all kinds of pencils are available today. Other materials are used in making pencils, but we still use that first, basic type of pencil.

Before the typewriter was invented, a pencil was the only instrument for writing. People could communicate and take notes. They could write things down, they could draw or mark things … As you can see, the invention of pencil resulted in numerous benefits and advantages. Although we cannot say which of these countries was the first to start making pencils – we can say that a pencil was invented in the period between the sixteenth and the eighteenth century in Europe. The British people, the Italian people, the Germans and the Austrian people had a great role in pencil invention.

Now you can tell your kids an interesting story about who invented a pencil. If you cannot make them practice their handwriting, tell them this interesting story!

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