Who Invented the MP3 Player

Who invented the MP3 player? It feels so strange to remember the old phonograph and dusty records. Today’s technology gives you the possibility to store thousands of old records on a piece of equipment that is no bigger than your palm and listen to your favorite songs. This little device is called the MP3 player.

Origin of the MP3 Player

MP3 stands for MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3 and it is a digital audio encoding format. In a non-technical language, you can say that this is a way to compress digitally recorded songs so they occupy as little space as possible. The invention of mp3 player started in 1987 with the work of a German Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft company on a low-bit and high quality music coding filed as EUREKA project.  Harlheinz Bradenburg was the mathematician who was in charge of the project and it was he who invented the first mp3 player. Unfortunately, they didn’t succeed in producing it.

With this breakthrough, many other companies started researching this field but it was a company from the United States that was the first to file the patent in 1996 and to introduce mp3 player to customers. A scientist and an employee in the “Advanced Multimedia Products” Company, Tomislav Uzelac, was the first man in the United States to produce a portable mp3 player, named “AMP MP3 Playback Engine”.

After the production has started, it was just the matter of time when this new device would get the buyers’ attention. That was the beginning of the race. The first company to produce the solid mp3 player was a Korean company. They introduced a player with a 32 mb storage capacity but it had optional 64 mb. This device didn’t get too much attention. However, the next model, Rio PMP300 mp3 player, was sold in great numbers and made great profits.


In order to listen to your favorite music, you need the right software that comes with your mp3 player. Software encodes the compressed data to analog signal to your headphones and turns it into the sound you hear. Today, software can offer you a choice to scan trough your music and find whatever you wish in just a few seconds.

On today’s market, you can find a variety of mp3 players, but it looks like you can’t get the wrong kind. No matter which one you buy, you will probably be very pleased.

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