Who Invented the Microwave Oven

Who invented the microwave oven? Microwave oven is a kitchen device used for heating different foods. This is possible thanks to microwave radiation, enabling thorough heating of food. There are many foods you can buy in stores that are designed and packed especially for microwave oven.

During the 1930s, there have been many scientific and technological efforts related to the use of microwaves. But it was 1945 when it was finally discovered that microwaves could actually be used for heating. Percy Spencer was the one who did the research and discovered that microwaves could heat the foods. But this discovery was rather accidental. He was working on something else that involved active radar. He had a chocolate bar in the pocket and it started to melt due to radar activity. The first foods cooked with his microwaves were popcorn and eggs. However, the egg exploded, and Spencer was aware that he had to make some changes. So he made a metal box and placed the food in it and released microwaves that heated the food instantly.

In October, 1945 an oven that used the microwaves was put on a test in a restaurant in Boston. This microwave oven was based on Spencer’s invention and patented by Raytheon. Officially, the first microwave oven was developed in 1947. It was nearly two meters tall and weighted about 350 kilograms! Comparing to modern microwave ovens, this was quite a big thing! The price was $5000. It used water for cooling. In 1954 a new model arrived at the market! The price was between two and three thousand dollars. The first model designed for home usage was launched in 1955. The price was about $1300. Since it wasn’t sold that well as expected, it was clear that a new model was needed. In 1967 the manufacturers finally managed to make a microwave oven that was more popular. The price was about $500.

During that period there were several manufacturers of microwave oven. Other companies started to produce microwave ovens and by 1970s this technology was no longer unknown to people. Today, microwave ovens are used by people all over the world. When it comes to Americans, nearly every home uses at least one microwave oven. You can even buy foods made especially for preparing in microwave oven. Modern microwave ovens are very efficient and there are many different types of foods that you can prepare using microwaves.

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