Who Invented the Internet and When

Who invented the Internet and when? We use it every day and most of us can’t even imagine life without it. So, who was the one who gave us the Internet? How did it happen, anyway? We will give you the story of the Internet.

What Is the Internet?

The Internet is actually a system of computer networks that are connected to each other. All together, they use TRC/IP and they are capable of serving hundreds of millions (or even billions) of people all over the world. The name “Internet” speaks for itself. It describes interconnected networks. Together, they create a global network.

Today, there is not a single thing that you can’t do by using the Internet. You can shop, get informed; you can educate yourself in every possible way. It is almost like you can take virtual tours all over the world. If you want to learn something, there are thousands of sources. This, however, doesn’t mean that all of them are credible. The other side of the medal is the fact that this kind of network is also convenient for wrong and false information, even scams. The efforts are being made in order to prevent this and to protect the Internet users. However, the user is quite alone when it comes to this one. He is warned, but his final choice depends on him only.

Good sides of the Internet are numerous. It shortens the time needed for the information to disseminate; it breaks the limits and erases state boundaries. Human kind is like one single nation: they are not separated by state boundaries, their freedom to speak up is guaranteed and they can communicate to each other anytime and about anything. This is a good side, but it has its disadvantages. For instance, you can never know who is on the other side, right? There are many cases of Internet criminal activities and you should be careful.

Who Invented the Internet?

The initial idea of global network dates back to 1960. The U.S. government wanted to make a network that would facilitate many activities. The work on this began and significant progress was made. During the 1980s, the National Science Foundation joined the efforts with other institutions (commercial and non-commercial). It was clear that the invention of such a network would be incredibly useful to all. By the 1990s, the Internet has started spreading all across the glove. It was more and more available to people worldwide. The Internet wasn’t a one man’s idea; it was more a result of joint efforts of many institutions and many great minds. However, Leonard Kleinrock was the first to set forth this idea in public. In 1961, he published the work called “Information Flow in Large Communication Nets”. He explained many interesting and new things. After this, many institutions and other technology experts became interested in this idea. That was how it started. When they realized all the benefits of such system, they were willing to contribute, using their knowledge, expertise and money. It certainly paid off.

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