Who Invented the First Automobile in the World

The question “Who invented the first automobile?” is not so easy to answer. This is because the automobiles production information available comes from the 15th century. That is the time of Da Vinchi’s genius work on machines, and among them there were vehicles, too.

Also, when we say “automobile” what does it really mean? Is it an electric automobile, a steam or gasoline vehicle? What we are trying to say is that there are several types – so all we can do to answer the question about the first automobile ever made – is to mention inventors of each type of automobile.

The first automobile that used steam power was introduced in 17th century and it was actually built to be a toy for the China emperor. It wasn’t really a car but it was functional! The first automobile that used electric power was made in the 19th century by R. Anderson from Scotland. The first gasoline vehicle was made by Karl Benz by the end of the 19th century. It was a three-wheeled vehicle. The first one with four wheels was Daimler’s and Maybach’s machine with the engine that was quite efficient for 19th century standards. Today the word “Maybach” is a synonym for luxury. These cars cost a fortune. Not only they are extremely luxurious but they also resemble the society status of its owner.

So the conclusion would be: the most famous name would certainly be German Karl Benz. According to most of the sources, he was the first one to invent an automobile in a true sense of the word. It was a motor vehicle that had three wheels. Then there are Robert Anderson, G.W. Daimler and W. Maybach, all from Germany, who introduces a four wheeled vehicle. C.E. Duryea and his brother invented the first car to use gas as a power source.

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