Who Invented the Cell Phone First

We use cell phones regularly and we are quite used to them, but have you ever wondered who invented the cell phone first?  The beginnings are related to the first efforts to make a mobile telephone.

This is the invention of the modern era. The first mobile concepts were designed by the middle of the twentieth century. The first radio-telephone was used in the World War II and some five years later it started being used in civil purposes. Hand mobile radio was designed during the 1970s. The concept kept developing, so these telephones can be divided into three generations – the first, the second and the third.

The cell phone with the concept known to us was developed in 1970s. Motorola was the first to release it for mass sales. This was DynaTAC 8000X Motorola model. The inventor was Martin Cooper. The first cell phone call was made in 1973, on April the 3rd. The name “cellular” comes from the cell sites used in call transfer from site to site. The first cell phone that belonged to the “first generation” of cell phones was released to market in Japan. It happened in 1979.

After that, there were some other countries that started to use he first generation networks. United Kingdom, Canada and Mexico were among them. Today, it seems that everyone uses a cell phone. For some people it is a valuable assistant in work and business. For parents, it is away to find their kid easily and always be in touch. Others use it for fun and much more – some people even see it as a status symbol! It brings us to the question of necessity. Is it really that necessary to spend a lot of money just to buy the new model? Regardless to all possible answers, the truth is that the cell phones are used as a part of our daily routine.

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