Who Invented the Airplane and When

Have you ever wondered who invented the airplane and when? We got used to our modern lifestyle and the benefits it has to offer. Airplanes are part of this modern lifestyle. However, the history of airplanes and the invention of the airplane are very interesting and we want to share this story. Airplanes are considered the fastest, the safest and the most convenient way of traveling to any place in the world. When was the first airplane constructed?

The Airplane Invention

♦ Wilbur and Orville Wright were two Americans who dropped out of high school to pursue their dreams. The two brothers opened a bicycle repair and sales shop in the late 1890s, but their hearts and minds have always been focused on the idea of creating the first manned flying machine. The German aeronautical engineer Otto Lilienthal had inspired the Wright brothers. They found his glider flights fascinating.

♦ Eventually, their persistence resulted in creation of the first heavier-than-air plane that made its first flight on 17 December, 1903. This historical event was more than just another excitement – it was a revolutionary step in the development of aerodynamics and technology.

♦ The Wright brothers achieved this by using a new concept of inclined planes. Fitted with a twelve horsepower engine, the revolutionary machine was a biplane as it had two main wings one above the other – this was to help the craft take off. The first airplane flight was extremely exciting. The brothers were quite aware of their plane’s limits. Orville – the adventurer, who was the pilot of the plane, however, wanted to push the new craft’s limits further, so he carried out two more flights before sending a telegram to his father, instructing him to inform the press about this spectacular achievement.

♦ The skepticism that followed was natural. Europe did not recognize the Wright brothers’ flying machine as an existing achievement and greatly doubted the pioneers’ success. Then, a series of demonstration flights were made and one of them took place before the eyes of the French people.  In 1908, after the first flights on French land (airspace) were carried out, the public finally admitted they were wrong in their accusations.

♦ This great invention is another example of how strong and powerful a human mind can be. This is a story of faith and self-confidence, hope and believing in dreams. Thanks to the Wright brothers, we can see so many amazing things.  We can travel faster and more comfortable. Time is shorter and space is not an issue anymore.

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