Who Invented Soccer and When

Soccer - Most Popular Sports Around The World

Who invented soccer and when? Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world. We will tell you the story of how soccer was invented, when it was invented and by whom.

History of Soccer

According to some historical documents, a variant of soccer had been played several hundreds of years BC. This game had been played in Japan and China, but certain variants of the game could be seen in other cultures, too. Some time later, a similar game was played in ancient Rome as well.

Who Invented Soccer, As We Know It Today?

Soccer, as we know it today was invented in England. The game has been invented during the 1860s. European people call it “football”. This sport is very popular in Europe. In the beginning, this sport was played by elite; it was a matter of prestige to play soccer. However, being so inexpensive, it soon became widespread among other classes of society, too. The rules of this game were not unique. Nearly every club had its own rules. In order to solve this problem, an institution called “F.A.” has been founded in 1863. The rules were set and accepted by all soccer clubs. By the beginning of 1870s, this sport was incredibly popular. Everyone liked soccer and in 1871, FA Cup was introduced. After this event, some new rules were added and this was the beginning of soccer, as we know it today. These rules are being followed in modern soccer.

Today, soccer is played in almost every country in the world. Soccer players are celebrities and idols to millions of young boys. Soccer players earn a lot of money thanks to soccer popularity. Competitions related to soccer are numerous. Some of them are highly prestigious. There are countries known for their soccer players and some of them consider soccer to be their national sport and trademark as well.

Another interesting thing about soccer is that it was prohibited in England in the fourteenth century. This happened when King Edward issued a law according to which soccer was prohibited and anyone who played it could easily end up in prison. The reasons for this strange prohibition were the noise and possible injuries. The soccer prohibition continued even after Edward.

However, this sport became the most popular sport in the world. Millions of people are passionate when it comes to football, regardless of their age, sex, or nation.

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