Who Invented Money and When

Who invented money and when? Nearly all of us are aware that money really “makes the world go round”. Perhaps it does, but how did it all happen? What was the major event that made money so important and powerful – maybe even too powerful? For some people, money is not merely an instrument; for those, money is more than that. If you have money – you have power. If you want to see what kind of person someone really is – just give him a lot of money.

The worst character features always come out when people are given money (power). Of course, some people are modest and they never change, even if they are given a fortune. However, these cases are rare, don’t you think? Some people are capable of doing anything for money. In these cases, money is the only goal to achieve in life and everything else is irrelevant. Some people have “lust for life”; others suffer from “lust for money”. They do not own their money – their money owns them. It is sad, but that’s the way it is. How did we even get to that point? It all started a long, long time ago. Let’s go back and see how it all happened.

Who Invented Money?

Who invented money? When was money invented? Maybe it would be better to ask “Who invented money and why?” Yes, the “why” part should be explained first. Money as we know it today did not exist in that form before. People used to do the trade using other ways of exchange. Various commodities were evaluated and people used them to get other commodities they needed, in exchange for their own. After some time, they started using coins. It is believed that the first coins were used between the fifth and the sixth century BC. Lydia was the first kingdom to use coins. Those coins had the same purpose as the ones we use today. Lydians were the first to use them for buying things. They used to make their coins using silver and gold.

Money in Modern Times

Today we use different kind of money, but its purpose is pretty much the same as before. We use it to buy things – or we save our money – believing it can bring us that beautiful feeling of safety and comfort we need so much. It is true that we tend to feel safe if we have our money, but is it really so, or it is just an illusion? When it comes to future, can we be guaranteed fortune, comfort and safety, just because we have our money today?

Money is a piece of paper. Yes, it is that simple. However, that piece of paper can affect your life more than you can even imagine. It can change one’s destiny and make him follow strange and dangerous directions. On the other hand, money can also help people in trouble. It can feed the poor and save lives. That brings us to the conclusion that money itself isn’t necessarily bad. People are the ones to decide how to use their money. The good and bad sides of money depend on those who earn it and spend it. Money can be used for noble causes; on the other hand, it can also cause problems, misfortune and even tragedies. Remember that money is not to blame for anything. After all, it really is just an instrument in your hands. The way you choose to earn it (and use it) will always depend on you only.

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