Who Invented Ice Cream First

Strawberry Ice Cream

Who invented ice cream first? Many of use like ice cream, but know quite a little about it. Here are some interesting facts about ice cream.

Ice Cream Origins

If we want to find out who invented ice cream first, we will have to go back in the fourth century BC. Ancient Romans used ice with fruits and various toppings for desert. In ancient China, ice was mixed with milk. Since this civilization is older, it is assumed that ice cream originally came from China. It was easily accepted in Europe. European royalty found it very classy and ice cream found its place among royal deserts.

Persian people also used ice to mix it with thick juices made of grapes. This was very refreshing during the hot summer days. Now, you may ask, “How could they have snow and ice during the warm summer days?” Well, snow and ice were brought from mountain tops or preserved in special chambers deep underground. One century later, Persian people invented something new: a dish that resembled a frozen pudding. It contained various fruits. This was another royal desert.

When Was Ice Cream Brought to America?

Many centuries later, ice cream was still one of the favorite classy deserts. It was brought to America in the early eighteenth century. Some of the famous American personalities liked ice cream. George Washington was one of them! The name “ice cream” came from American colonists. They first called it “iced cream”.

The first American ice cream shop was founded in 1776. It was located in New York. We can not be sure who made the first ice cream, as we know it today. This invention was probably closely related to the ice box invention and the first modern refrigerators. However, some of the most important innovations when it comes to ice cream recipes happened in the first half of the nineteenth century. Augustus Jackson used some new recipes in making his ice cream, so as Nancy Johnson. Johnson used the same method that we use today. Johnson Patent Ice Cream Freezer was a William Young patent from 1848. A couple of years later, J. Fussell started the ice cream production in Baltimore.

Today, ice cream is one of the most consumed deserts. Everyone loves it and there are so many different kinds of ice cream available in shops and restaurants. You can buy ice cream in nearly every country in the world. You can also make your own ice cream. You can buy some instant ice cream in almost every super market and make it yourself. You can combine it with other deserts, coffee, cappuccino and cakes. No matter how you prepare them, ice cream deserts are always fresh and delicious.

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