Who Invented Gunpowder

Gunpowder Was a Revolutionary Invention

Who invented gunpowder? This invention is one of the most revolutionary inventions in history. We will not discuss its good and bad sides, but it was definitely something new. Gunpowder changed the way of fighting and enabled people to hunt more easily.

How Is Gunpowder Made?

♦ Gunpowder is made of potassium nitrate, charcoal and sulfur. Gunpowder is a mixture of these substances and when they are properly mixed, they make black powder. That is why gunpowder was also called “the black powder”.

Who Invented Gunpowder?

♦ Many historians think that gunpowder was made by the Chinese. However, it could have been invented elsewhere. Arabs could have invented gunpowder, but the Chinese were the ones who have revealed the secret to the rest of the world. This happened around the 12th century.

When Was Gunpowder Invented?

♦ Historians believe that “the black powder” was invented during the ninth century. That means that the Chinese were keeping this invention for themselves for almost three centuries. However, there is another theory about the time when gunpowder was invented. Chinese alchemists could have found this “magic formula” even earlier than we think. They have been using saltpeter in the first century. It was a kind of medication. Now, you can see how much they actually new about various substances. It is amazing that they knew so much about the nature around them and the ways to use it for solving different problems. They also knew about sulfur and its use in medicine.

♦ Gunpowder is mentioned in the period of dynasty of Han, in 142 AD. The first written proof about the use of gunpowder comes from Wei Boyang, an alchemist. Wei Boyang describes the way of making gunpowder using potassium nitrate, charcoal and sulfur. That wasn’t very detailed description. However, it is a valuable historical proof.

♦ The most interesting thing is that Chinese alchemists actually wanted to find a “recipe” for immortality. What they have found was a recipe for substance that could take human lives. Gunpowder was an invention that changed everything, when it comes to wars and battles. It was lethal and people were losing their lives in short time, without any physical contact to one another. There was no need to fight using traditional old war tools (swords, for example). This invention was important, but it was not used to improve human lives. Considering that fact,  some people find its true importance  debatable.

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