Who Invented Fireworks and Why

Who invented fireworks and why? Fireworks are amazing! If you want to have a perfect party or any other special occasion, you will definitely use fireworks. Who invented these great gadgets? Let us find out more about the history of fireworks. Chinese people invented fireworks. Chinese civilization is certainly among the oldest civilizations in the world. These people have very long tradition. Did you know that Chinese people invented paper, kites, porcelain, silk, umbrellas and gunpowder? These are just some of the inventions that originate from China. The first fireworks have also been made in China.

The Invention of Fireworks

• According to the legend, an army chef mixed sulfur, charcoal and saltpeter. Then, he put these elements in the fire and a colorful flame showed up. When he saw the beauty of this flame, he was excited and he tried this once again, but this time he used a bamboo shoot. This produced an explosion. That was the first firework ever. It is difficult to say why he did this. We cannot know about his motives, and we certainly do not know why he mixed these ingredients. However, what he made was amazing. Soon after this, people started using fireworks for fun and events like various ceremonies, weddings and celebrations.

• Another legend says that fireworks were made in China, but the story is a bit different. According to this legend, Chinese people wanted to be immortal. They wanted to find a recipe for immortality and the alchemists were quite engaged in such experiments. They could not make a magical substance that would make people immortal, but these experiments resulted in many great inventions. Fireworks are just some of these. The story says that the Emperor’s alchemist was trying to get rid of an evil ghost. He used gunpowder and a bamboo tube. This created a reaction that could be described as a firework. This alchemist used fireworks to get rid of all kinds of evil spirits. Fireworks were part of such rituals.

• The sound produced by fireworks was believed to bring prosperity and happiness to the entire area. These fireworks were made using gunpowder and bamboo. Another type of firework was made using paper tubes.

• This invention was interesting to other people as well. The Arabs were interested to learn more about fireworks.

• It was thirteenth century when the first fireworks came to Europe. Marco Polo brought the first fireworks to Europe. Italian people were the first to make fireworks with gunpowder. Germans and Italians were the leaders in making fireworks in Europe.

• The English people also used fireworks, especially during the Elizabeth’s reign. Elizabeth I loved fireworks and they became very popular in her kingdom.

• Fireworks came to America during the sixteenth century. They became one of the greatest attractions.

• Today, we have all kinds of fireworks. You can use small or large fireworks, and they come in many different colors. If you want to make a perfect party or you want some special occasion to be even more special, you will use fireworks.

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