Who Invented Cheesecake

If you love cheesecake, you will be interested to find out who invented cheesecake. This great dessert consists of soft topping, made of fresh cheese, and a biscuit. Of course, being a dessert, it has to be sweet, so sugar has to be added to the topping. Other ingredients that are usually added to this topping include nuts, fruits, and chocolate. Now, let us learn more about the history of cheesecake. Who invented it?

Who Invented Cheesecake and When

• It is believed that ancient Greeks knew of this dessert. In facts, today, we have proofs according to which these people actually knew how to prepare similar desserts. They used these cakes for religious purposes.

• We are not certain about the ingredients of the topping for this cake, but we know that the base was separately made. Therefore, we can say that cheesecake actually originates from ancient Greek civilization. But what about the modern type of cheesecake, the one we eat today? Let us see how it all started.

• It was 1872 when William Lawrence accidentally made this particular sort of cheese. He wanted to find the way to recreate the French soft cheese. That is how the “Philadelphia Cheese” came to existence. Forty years later, James Kraft made similar cheese, but his variety of cheese was actually pasteurized. This type of cheese is exactly what we use today for making cheesecake.

• There are many different cheesecake recipes. The ingredients depend on the geographical area. Cheesecakes are also sold in nearly every candy shop worldwide. Let us mention some of the most popular types of cheesecake.

– New York Cheesecake has heavy cream. Egg yolk is used for the topping along with cream cheese, in order to get smoother consistency. This type of cheesecake is baked in a tall pan. Some people use cottage cheese as well as lemon, depending on their own preferences.

– Cheesecake can also be made with sour cream. This is great for making frozen cheesecakes.

– Philadelphia cheesecake has a light texture, but its flavor is usually stronger than that of a New York cheesecake.

– Pennsylvania cheesecake is made with less water, which gives it a ticker texture.

– A ‘farmer’s cheesecake’ is usually made with fruits.

– Country type of cheesecake is made with buttermilk in order to make a firm and thick texture.

• If you are intolerant to lactose, do not worry, there is a lactose free variant of cheesecake. There are numerous lactose-free cheeses that can be used for making delicious cheesecakes. Non-dairy products are often used for this type of dishes, and these are very good, especially for vegetarians and people who have lactose intolerance.

• Even if you are on a diet, you can afford to have a small piece of cheesecake, because it is not so high in calories. The calories in a cheesecake will depend on the type of cheese that is used for making the topping, and also on the amount of sugar and eggs used for the cake. If there is much sugar and the cream cheese is higher in fat content, the cheesecake will be higher in calories, so before you order one, make sure to ask about the ingredients.

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