Who Invented Bubble Gum and When

When Was Bubble Gum Invented?

If you are curious to find out who invented bubble gum and when, read our article. Bubble gum can be defined as a candy made for chewing. Two thousand years ago, people had similar candies, but these were different from the bubble gum we have today. Now, we have many different types of bubble gum. You can find them in all colors, sizes and flavors. Some bubble gum sorts are made without sugar, so they cannot harm your teeth. Let us learn more about the history of bubble gum.

Who Invented Chewing Gum?

As we said, chewing gum has been in use for more than 2,000 years. Old Greeks knew for this candy and they made it by using the mastic tree.

According to many scientists, ancient Mayans also had a similar chewing candy.

Now, when was the first modern chewing gum made? The first commercial chewing gum was created by John Curtis. Thomas Adams was the first to introduce this candy to masses in 1860, so he is usually considered the inventor of the chewing gum. Mr. Adams’ chewing gum was the first bubble gum to be available in the vending machines. It all started in New York.

Who Invented Bubble Gum?

Now, what about bubble gum? Chewing gum and bubble gum is not one same thing. Chewing gum is only made for chewing, while bubble gum is made for both chewing and making bubbles.

Who invented bubble gum, then? It is believed that Peter Meijer and Frank Fleer were the inventors of the bubble gum. They created the bubble gum in the beginning of the 20th century, to be precise, in 1906. This bubble gum was very sticky and it could not be very successful. The Fleer Company continued making these chewing candies, called Blibber-Blubber.

You are probably curious to find out about the invention of the first ‘real’ bubble gum. It was 1928 when this bubble gum was created by Walter Diemer. His hobby was related to gum ingredients. He used to experiment with them and he used to make different gum base recipes. He actually succeeded in making a gum that was not too sticky. He said that he did it accidentally.

The only color that he had was pinkish, so he added it to the recipe. That is why pink is considered a kind of traditional bubble gum color. However, Mr. Diemer never got any money for this invention, dimply because he never filed a patent.

Today, we have all kinds of bubble gum. You can find them in all colors, sizes, flavors and with all kinds of ingredients. There are even chewing gum that is believed to nourish your teeth. Such chewing gum does not contain sugar, but they contain other artificial sweeteners and substances that are not considered very healthy. However, bubble gum is high in sugar, so you should not consume too many of these. You can have a lot of fun making bubbles, but don’t forget to brush your teeth after chewing the gum.

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