Who Invented Basketball and When

Who invented basketball and when? If you like sports, you will probably be interested to find out the answer to this question. Basketball was invented by James Naismith. He was born in 1861. This Canadian was a sports trainer. He invented basketball in 1891. This great man is the one to take credits for writing the first rulebook for basketball. The first time basketball was played as an Olympic sport was in Berlin. Naismith was there to witness this historical event.

Even after his death, Naismith was honored for several times. The “Canadian Basketball Hall of Fame”, “The Sports Hall of Fame”, “The Canadian Olympic Hall of Fame”, “Ottawa Sports Hall of Fame”, “McGill University Sports Hall of Fame”, “FIBA Hall of Fame”, and “Ontario Sports Legends Hall of Fame” were among the institutions that have honored James Naismith. After his death, another Hall of Fame was named after Naismith: “The Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame”.

Creating the “Basket Ball”

During the entire process of creating basketball, Naismith was thinking about several things. He wanted to create a sports game similar to those most popular sport games of his time (football, soccer, hockey, rugby etc). However, he did not want this new sport to be too rough, so he decided not to make the ball too small. His idea was to reduce physical contact among the players, so he decided that passing should be the only option allowed. He named the game “Basket Ball”.

When Was the First Basketball Game Played?

The first basketball game was played in 1891 (December). There were nine players in each team and the ball was that for soccer, while two peach baskets were used for goals. Naismith’s memories of this first basketball game do not seem too enthusiastic. Nevertheless, this sport started to get more and more popularity. When the popularity started, media called the game “Naismith Ball”, but James Naismith did not want the game to be named after him. All great men are modest, so James Naismith is no exception to this rule.

Basketball popularity was growing rapidly. Today basketball is one of the most popular sports. Basketball players earn great deal of money. Some of them are celebrities. There are many great players world wide. We like to watch them play and some of them can truly do miracles. Now you know whom we can thank to for such a great sport

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