Who Discovered Copper and When

Who discovered copper and when? This is a very interesting question. Today, we use copper for so many purposes. This element is very useful and it is hard to imagine today’s world without using copper. You will be surprised to hear that we don’t really know who discovered copper. In fact, no one knows the answer to this question. Let us find out more about copper.

Who Discovered Copper?

♦ According to some researches, copper was used between 4500 BC and 1200 BC. This means that copper could have been discovered anytime during this long period. A number of evidences actually point out that ancient people knew how to use copper in order to create interesting pieces of jewelry and other useful stuff, such as eating utensils and/or various weapons. Shields and spears were also made of copper.

♦  Some experts say that this element was known to human kind for nearly 10000 years. Can you believe this? Some ancient civilizations knew how to use copper to produce all kinds of things. Copper got its name after the Cyprus (the country). Well, this is what most people consider true.

♦ Israel, Egypt and Jordan now have several locations for copper processing. These locations actually date back to 4400 BC. Back then, copper was combined with tin or iron. People used this mixture to make bronze. Brass is another well-known copper alloy. The bronze and brass are very strong. In fact, each of these is stronger and more durable than copper itself. Such alloys had been used in all parts of Asia, as well as in Turkey. The studies have shown that there was a smelting place located in Cyprus, and that is probably how this element got its name.

♦ In India, copper was widely used. They used to make various things using copper, such as eating utensils, coins, idols and lamps. Copper was quite durable, which is why it was used for making weapons. As you know, shields had to be durable and hard. Copper seemed to be a perfect material for producing such goods.

♦ Another great thing about copper is that it cannot erode easily. Rain and wind cannot destroy it. Some Egyptian pyramids have copper tubing! Copper was also used in tombs and numerous old temples. In fact, the copper parts that have been found in the old temples and tombs are still in great condition.

♦ The greatest copper deposits we have today are located in Chile, Canada, United States, Peru and Zaire. We use it for numerous purposes. Copper is a great conductor of electricity and heat. It is not as hard as iron, but it is much harder comparing to zinc. Another good thing is that ornaments and other decorative stuff can also be made of this material, because it looks very nice. It has a distinctive color and it is shiny. However, copper can absorb the moisture and then it turns green. This layer actually forms as a protection against erosion and other kinds of damage.

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