Who Are the Best Rappers of All Time

Who are the best rappers of all time? One can have a really hard time making a list of the best rappers of all time. It is probably true that there are as many best lists as there are people who listen to this music. Objectiveness is always something to be discussed but we’ll try to be as objective as possible.

Notorious B.I.G.

He was definitely one of the best rappers ever and the man who influenced many rappers. Many people believe that the rap scene as we know it today would never have developed without his remarkable work.

He made several songs that are still on the top lists, such as Juicy, Hypnotize, Runnin’ etc. He is said to be a true rapper with his versatility and constant flow in use for various kinds of songs. Talking about love, tough living or anything else, he could make a song on the instant with emotions flowing through his words.


With recognizable and outstanding flow, Jay Z is one of the most popular rappers. This artist holds a record for number one albums in hip-hop. A representative of Brooklyn school whose verses can sometimes be hard and gloomy and sometimes real and bombastic. In 2008, he married Beyonce, one of the best R&B artists. Becoming a businessman, he enlarged his wealth to staggering 450 millions $.


He was certainly the biggest storyteller hip-hop has ever seen. His songs about social injustice, racism, growing up in ghetto etc, have made him a star. Although he attracted much attention as an artist, he also attracted too much attention with law conflicts. Shooting in September 1996 became one of the most told stories ever; unfortunately, he lost his life in this shooting.


This is the only white rapper ever considered popular. With a sharp mind and even sharper words, he managed to step up on the stage, which has been reserved for Afro American population for years, and what is more important – he still manages to be one of the best. Versatility and flow – as good as can be. His life off the stage brought him as much attention as on the stage. It is certain that we can expect much more from this artist in years to come.

There are other names that are on this list: Rakim, Ghostface Killah, Nas, Big Daddy Kane, Ice Cube and many, many others.

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