Which Is the Most Beautiful Flower in the World

Throughout history, flowers of all kinds have been exhibiting a highly important aesthetic dimension, they have been often viewed as small but powerful incarnates of true beauty, and they have been used as decoration, gifts and metaphors in abundance. Not only does the beauty of flowers lie in their shape, symmetry and vivid colors but also in the fact that, when observed biologically, flowers play a very important role in the reproduction of plants and providing seeds for next generations. There are no definite criteria for determining why or to what extent a particular flower is beautiful.

For example, one could always begin with the tulip, brought to Europe all the way from Ottoman Empire in the late Middle Ages, a famous symbol and the national flower of the Netherlands, which is widely regarded by many as one of the prettiest flower in the world. It is valued for its simplicity, powerful and striking one-color pattern of usually red, orange or pink. On the other hand, many people would readily consider wildflowers, scattered over fields and across meadows, untainted by human interference, to be the one true representation of the beauty of flowers – white daisy, lily of the valley, hairy violet, meadow buttercup, cow parsley, etc. Many of these are considered weed in gardens and on lawns, however, in nature, growing freely and with no particular order, they constitute a more than agreeable sight.

Which Flower Is the Most Popular?

Naturally, the rose is by far one of the most popular flowers in the world – a rather frequent gift, and a frequent visitor of poems of romanticism and of those before and after romanticism; today it mostly symbolizes elegance and classic beauty. Red rose, in particular, with its almost archetypal significance, is a well known symbol of love and passion. Yellow roses are in turn associated with friendship and courtesy, while a white rose symbolizes pure and innocent feelings. Many fruit trees grow resplendent flowers in the spring and one of them is surely cherry blossom. The beauty of the cherry blossom flower lies in their multitude and captivating smell. Therefore, one of the criteria could also be the pleasant smell and there exist truly a great number of flowers that possess a divine scent such as hyacinth, violet and lily of the valley. Some may opt for tropical, exotic flowers, often magnificent in their size. But trying to narrow the choice down to only one flower and deem it the most beautiful cannot be justified – the greatest beauty is found in the choice, which is in this case extraordinarily vast.

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