Which Is the Biggest Ocean In the World

The title of the biggest ocean in the world goes to The Pacific Ocean. Its northern boundary is the Arctic and the southern one is – the Southern Ocean. The continents it is bounded by are Australia, America and Asia.

The Pacific Ocean is divided into two constituting parts. Those are the South Pacific Ocean and the North Pacific Ocean. The deepest spot is named “The Mariana Trench”. It is as deep as 10, 910 meters. Throughout history this ocean has been mysterious for many explorers and something to conquer. It was a big challenge. Vasco Núnez de Balboa was among the first whose attention was captured by the Pacific. He named it “The South Sea” by the beginning of the sixteenth century. Its present name came from Ferdinand Magellan who was please by the ocean calmness he experienced while he was sailing and named it the “Peaceful Sea” (“Tepre Pacificum”). So the word “pacific” remained in use and this is how we call it today.

This ocean makes almost 1/3 of the planet’s entire surface. It is bigger in surface than the landmass on Earth. There are numerous islands in Pacific. The number is approximately 24,998 islands and the figure is growing higher since some of the islands are submerged.

This natural wealth should be taken care of since there is a pollution problem. The Pacific Ocean is used as a source of fish and its supplies are great, but the quality of the fish can be questioned since there are so many polluting substances that are being released into the ocean. Also, some of the polluting factors come from other waters and the air. Most of the waste comes from humans of course. The industry and other types of irresponsible behavior lead to the pollution of this ocean. It is enormous in size, but it doesn’t make it capable to deal with poison chemical that are released due to human activities.

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