Where Is the Biggest Tree in the World Located

Where is the biggest tree in the world located? It is not easy to answer this question, since there are several trees that are considered to be the biggest trees in the world. We will mention some of the biggest trees that are still living, and try to compare them. For some, “the biggest” means “the tallest”, while for others it means “the largest” in volume. We will not discuss the parameters, since these trees are equally amazing. We will just have to mention all of them!

What Is the Biggest Tree in the World And Where Is It?

According to certain sources, the biggest tree in the world is a Giant Sequoia named “General Sherman”. It is nearly 85 meters high. Although there are higher trees, this one seems to be the largest when it comes to volume. The tree is located in the United States, more precisely, in the Sequoia National Park. This tree got its name after a general who fought in the American Civil War, Mr. William T. Sherman. According to experts, the “General Sherman” Sequoia is incredibly old. We are talking about a tree which is between 2,200 and 2,690 years old.

When it comes to height, the highest tree is “Hyperion”, which is 116 meters tall. It is located in California and holds the record for the tallest living tree. However, it is not the “largest in volume” – this record is held by the “General Sherman” Sequoia.

Another enormously high tree is located in Australia. This one is Eucalyptus, also called “Victorian ash”, “Tasmanian Oak” and “Mountain ash”. It is nearly 91 meters high and can be seen in Tasmania.

The Biggest Tree Species

We have already made a distinction between “the tallest” and “the larges”. We could say that the tallest trees belong to the species of Coast Redwood (sequoia sempervirens), while the largest trees in volume belong to the species of Giant Sequoia (sequoiadendron giganteum). Other big trees belong to the following species: eucalyptus regnans (Mountain Ash), Eucalyptus delegatensis (Alpine Ash), Sitka spruce picea sitchensis, Montezuma cypress taxodium mucronatum, Tasmanian blue gum eucalyptus and redcedar thuja plicata.

Those are the biggest trees that are still living. Can you imagine the view from any of these trees? It would be amazing to sit on a branch of a 2,500 year old tree, wouldn’t it? We hope that these trees will remain undamaged and healthy.

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