Where Is the Biggest Swimming Pool in the World

Where is the biggest swimming pool in the world located? The Guinness World Records Book says that the largest world’s swimming pool is called San Alfonso del Mar Seawater pool. It is located in Algarrobo, Chile. This swimming pool is more than a kilometer long. The total area is around twenty acres. Can you imagine this? This swimming pool is probably hard for maintaining, but it is well taken care of and is truly amazing.

Other Interesting Swimming Pools

When it comes to indoor wave pools, the biggest one is located in Houston, United States. It is inside the West Edmonton Mall.

The biggest swimming pool in the U.S.A is located i San Francisco. It is called the Fleishhacker Pool. This one was opened in 1925 and it was incredibly large. Lifeguards had to have kayaks in order to do their job. However, in 1971, they closed it.

The deepest swimming pool in the world is located in Belgium, near Brussels. There are several parts of this pool: the first one is about 5 meters deep, the second one is 10 meters deep, and the third part is 33 meters deep.

Another big swimming pool was built in Moscow. It was changed and re-built during the period after Stalin.

Yangbajain (Tibet) is the home of the swimming pool that is cosidered the highest. There is one pool outside are two indoor pools in this resort that is situated at the height of over 4 kilometers.

Those were some of the greatest swimming pools on Earth. If you are a professional swimmer, you probably know everything about pools and all standards that any of them must fulfill. These pools are actually very luxurious and above all standards! If you travel to any of those places, it will be great to visit these pools. Even if you don’t swim, it is an amazing feeling to stand by so enormously large pool. If you are planning a romantic holiday, these places can be just the destination you are looking for. Swimming in any of those will make you remember your holiday for ever, that’s for sure! If you have already been there, feel free to share your impressions! We would like to hear if these pools are really that amazing as they seem to be – or they are even better?

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