Where is the Biggest Island in the World

Greenland Island is the biggest island in the world. Greenland is a part of North America and it is positioned between Atlantic Ocean and the Arctic. Population of Greenland counts around 57,638 (estimation for the summer of 2010). Greenland total area is 2,166,087 km2 large, while nearly 1,755,638 km2 (some eighty percent of the entire Greenland area) are covered in ice.

Name “Greenland” came from the first settlers from Scandinavia. In 1953 Greenland became a Denmark territory. In 2009 it became responsible for its own affairs regarding law, politics and natural wealth, so today it is an autonomous, self-ruling land, while Denmark still controls international affairs and defense. Greenland towns are mainly concentrated near the coast where there is no ice and the population is situated on the west coast. The capitol of Greenland is Nuuk. Greenland economy highly depends on fishing. Greenland exports a lot of fish.

Cities that count more than one hundred people are: Nuuk (it is the capitol of Greenland and the most populous city), which counts nearly 15,470 people and belongs to Sermersooq municipality; Sisimiut with 5,461 people, belonging to the municipality of Qeqqata; Aasiaat (Qaasuitsup municiality) with 3,006 inhabitants; Qaqortoq (Kujalleq municipality) with 3,305 inhabitants; Ilulissat (Qaasuitsup municipality), with 4, 547 inhabitants;  Tasiilaq (Sermersooq
municipality) with 1,930 people living in it;  Maniitsoq (municipality of  Qeqqata) with 2,784 people; Uummannaq  (Qaasuitsup municipality) with nearly 1,300 inhabitants; Narsaq (Kujalleq municipality) with 1,614 people; Qasigiannguit (Qaasuitsup municipality) with 1,254 inhabitants; Paamiut (Sermersooq municipality) with 1,620 inhabitants; Upernavik (Qaasuitsup municipality) with 1,130 people living in it, and  Nanortalik (Kujalleq municipality) with nearly 1,449 inhabitants. The rest of the Greenland settlements are rather small.

Great part of Greenland territory is covered in ice and its settlements do not count many inhabitants. Still, Greenland is beautiful and interesting destination to be seen.

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