Where Do Wolves Live in the World


Where Do Wolves Live?

Where do wolves live in the world? These amazing animals are extremely intelligent and social. Wolves live in groups that count from four to twenty-four wolves. Hierarchy in these groups is very well established and they obey their rules. Perhaps there is much to learn from these animals. Wolves are great hunters. They are fast, strong and skillful. Although many people consider them completely wild, wolves can be great companions to humans. Many documentaries have been made about this. Humans can live with wolves without any problems. In fact, wolves are quite similar to dogs.

Wolves hunt together. As we said, they are social and they do everything together. They take care of each other, and they obey the rules set by their “alpha”. Some groups have to major wolves. These wolves control the group and watch for other group members.

Wolves communicate to each other by howling. These sounds are very loud and they can hear each other very well, even if they are far away. Sometimes, they are so “well-tuned”, that you simply cannot tell how many of them there are in the woods.

What Do Wolves Eat?

Wolves eat other mammals, like caribou, pigs, moose, goats, antelopes, sheep, horses, deer, bison and yak. It depends on how big their group is. If there are many of them in the group, they will go for large animals. If there are just several wolves in the group, they will go for smaller animals.

Wolves can be classified as Red wolves, Eurasian wolves, Eastern wolves, Ethiopian wolves, Coyote, Indian wolves, Arctic wolves and Maned wolves.

Where Do Wolves Live?

Gray wolves live in the Northern Hemisphere. They can be found in plains, savannah, Arctic tundra and forests. They live in Europe, North America, and Asia, but in some parts of the world they have become endangered. Wolves can be found in some U.S. states. Yellowstone National Park is a well known wolves’ habitat.

Timber wolves can be found in Asia and Eastern Europe, but also in Canada and Alaska. These wolves can be found in China and Russia, but no one can tell how many of them there are exactly.

Wolves have become very popular as pets. People who keep them are well informed about wolves, so they rarely have problems with these animals. They are similar to dogs, but there are some differences. They are quite xenophobic and they don’t accept strangers. They can be trained, since they are very intelligent, but it takes a lot of work to train a wolf. However, it seems that wolves are very responsive towards rewarding and positive conditioning, which can be very helpful in training these animals.

Wolves are also used for shows, films and other entertainment purposes. This is another proof of their intelligence and adaptability. Nearly every mythology has wolves in stories. You have probably heard the story about Romulus and Remus, the founders of Rome, who were nursed by a she-wolf.

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